jumping on the open id bandwagon and getting it WRONG!

, posted: 7-May-2008 13:19

Everyone want to be your openid provider suddenly. The truth is, you only need one open id. What we need is for sites to accept openid for authentication and identification... We don't need more providers. We need sites (like facebook.com and google.com and hotmail.com and flickr.com and telecom.co.nz and ird.govt.nz) to accept our openid to identify who we are and let us log in, instead of that archaic and time consuming username+password remembering method. Once open id takes over the world (just like lisp already did) then you'll just whack your openid into login boxes, and watch the magic system authenticate you faster than you can blink. No longer will you have to remember your username or your password. No long will you have to request "forgot password" on that website you visit twice a year and no longer remember your details on. Please to be accepting openid!! not providing. KTHNXBYTE.


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Comment by freitasm, on 7-May-2008 15:38

I still think OpenID is overrated. Rogue webmasters can still code a man-in-the-middle attack by simply emulating the OpenID authorisation pages...

Comment by David Recordon, on 7-May-2008 18:50

Have you seen that SourceForge has recently started accepting OpenID logins? http://openid.net/2008/05/01/sourceforge-allows-openid-logins/

Comment by Kevin Fox, on 10-May-2008 06:52

Hello, There is a new site: http://openid-please.appspot.com/ that lets you gently nudge your favorite site about OpenID support, check it out. -Kevin

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