ISO OOXML decision appeal filed by South Africa, Brasil, India.

, posted: 31-May-2008 11:34

The ISO, an international standards body, voted yes to adopt Microsoft's OOXML as a standard. New Zealand voted No. There were at least 3 appeals filed against the process used by ISO: Brasil, South Africa and India. The rumour is there were yet more countries that sent their own appeals before yesterday's deadline. All are protests to the process used by ISO, and ISO not adhering to their own governing rules for how standards are adopted. Brazil is protesting use of Fast Track process, and Brasil being excluded from the debate. The short time frame didn't leave time for them to present a proposal regarding legacy binary mapping - while other parties were given half hour timeslots. From the Brasilian appeal:
... On Friday, when USA ended their part of presentation and asked for Brazil to present its part of it, the convenor denied this opportunity to Brazilian delegation. Several delegations has protested against that arbitrary decision, but those appeal was in vain and until the end of the BRM, the Brazilian delegation was not able to present its proposal. The main reason alleged by the convenor was “lack of time”.
South Africa are also protesting the rushed process, as well as the delay in publication of the standard. There is still no full edition of the OOXML standard published, despite a deadlies for this over a month ago. From the South African appeal:
In addition, South Africa wishes to register its deep concern over the increasing tendency of international organizations to use the JTC 1 processes to circumvent the consensus-building process that is the cornerstone to the success and international acceptance of ISO and IEC standards. The ability of large multi-national organizations to influence many national bodies, with the resultant block-voting over-riding legitimate issues raised by other countries, is also of concern
India filed their appeal at the last minute. There may have been other appeals filed before the deadline, as ISO has not confirmed how many appeals they recieved. Excellent OOXML ISO coverage can be found on Groklaw

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