vodafone.co.nz go boom -- again.

, posted: 31-May-2008 19:08

my "bestmate" plane fell off my prepay - probably tried to renew when i had < $6 on the account and i was outside NZ.. so i've been trying to put it back on. I've been trying for over a month. Every time i try the vodafone website is broken in new and wonderful ways. Today it's says "Houston, we have a problem." and showing what looks like a reverse proxy message about recieving a http 500 error code from upstream. It's been doing this since at least 2pm today. normally i wouldn't blog this - things like this happen -- but it happens amazingly often to vodafone, considering i'm not exactly nagios pinging it every minute. I'm just trying to get in just once some time this month and set up a best mate.

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Comment by manhinli, on 31-May-2008 20:20

Vodafone has been a total shocker these 2 months!

I can visit Vodafone's website fine - except that the Prepay Account management page is down:

Sorry, the service you requested is not available at present.

Please try again later, or contact our Customer Service on 0800 800 021 or 777 free from your mobile.

You must be having an increasingly hard time!

Comment by paradoxsm, on 31-May-2008 20:39

My friends Vodafone number just dropped off the other day, She discovered two days later when she tried to make a call to discover here phone was dead and it had been reallocated to a business and now she has one of those horrible 8 digit numbers - on account ARGH!. I for one cannot wait for NZC.

I'm personally still having billing glitches, nothing major but my Vodafone is really only a "proof of concept" to test stuff like GSM-PSTN gateways (thanks bestmate!) and handsets.

Author's note by taniwha, on 31-May-2008 21:17

there's be some real competition.. kinda.. from telecom once the umts/wcdma network is up That still leaves vodafone only allowing number ports to account, (in breach of commerce commision ruling for almost 2 years) and vodafone requiring a 12month contract before you open a new account. Talk about anti-competitive.

Author's note by taniwha, on 31-May-2008 21:20

i take it back -- vodafone do pre-pay number portability. I think i'll try it out shortly. http://www.vodafone.co.nz/help/number-portability/

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