playing DOOM on my ipod nano

, posted: 16-May-2006 12:02

cos i can! lotsa fun hooked up to the car stereo - i can shoot zombies on long car trips.

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Comment by chiefie, on 16-May-2006 12:32

Is that for real? how do you control it? GOSH! Doom Everywhere!

Author's note by taniwha, on 16-May-2006 17:29

Menu = move forward |>| turn right centre = shoot play = change weapon.

Comment by bananalord, on 17-May-2006 18:12

how do you get it on there?

Author's note by taniwha, on 17-May-2006 23:19

How? i mounted my ipod cd /media/ipod unzip ~/Desktop/ and then rebooted the ipod *done* :-)

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