[Wellington-pm] HackOff 2008 - July 15th

, posted: 23-Jun-2008 22:44

HackOff 2008 is a fun evening for teams of hackers to compete at solving programming problems for fun. Remember when coding was fun?  Before you got bogged down with UML diagrams, architecture planning meetings, spec documents, units tests and user documentation?  For one evening, we'll take you back to how coding was meant to be - see a problem, solve it, move on.  The first team to solve all the problems will be declared the winners and will receive the adulation of their peers. The evening will be hosted by Wellington Perl Mongers and Catalyst IT. It's not just a 'Perl thing' - we're keen for the Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, .Net and other communities to come and demonstrate the superiority of their tools. There are more details on the web site here:   http://wellington.pm.org/hackoff/ You can download a flyer for your noticeboard from here:   http://wellington.pm.org/hackoff/hackoff-flyer.pdf We are asking teams to register so we can plan seating, power, networking etc.  It will be a case of first-in for available places, so be quick to ensure you don't miss out! Cheers Grant McLean Coordinator - Wellington.pm

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