stupid thing i did...

, posted: 20-May-2006 22:57

and now there's no sound on my PC i installed mandriva... i think it was caused by memories of mandrake heyday - back when it really was free/libre... it was nice at first. Flashplayer, opera, skype, java.. all that closed source or not quite free stuff that debian ethos doesn't allow, and it was right there on the CD - or on urpmi (that's mandrakes answer to apt-get) but now, no sound. and i have no clue how to make the sound work. I did a bit of point clicking around the control panel. but no solutions. so i head over to and find that they have an "extensive knownledge base" for solving these problem BUT!!! I need to pay for club membership to access this... FEH!! i can't win i just want something that *FREE* and unencumbered by patent mumbo jumbo... expecially since when those patents mostly are valid only in one country and that's not mine.. so FEH FEH FEH i say FEH!!!

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Comment by anonymous, on 21-May-2006 01:52

You screwed up. You should have tried the new Mandriva One CD from your CD drive before installing. Unfortunately, support cost money, but you can try and ask free questions on, or on the community room of the Mandriva club, which is open to all members. What distro did you install. I think you should go back to Mandriva-One and try again. It's a small download available from Mirrors for free. -mike

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