more on Wellington's Software Freedom Day

, posted: 13-Sep-2008 19:33

The Venue for Software Freedom Day is both the Wellington city Town Hall, _AND_ the Michael Fowler Centre. Town hall provides the bar camp rooms, barristers serving free Havana coffee and breakout rooms - as well as the Buffet table and bar. Wellington Town HallFrom above In the Michael Fowler Centre, we've got couches galore, and table+chair for the SuperHappyDevHouse HackFest, and the WellyLUG installfest. All with a harbour view, and blinds so the sun it doesn't burns us. Michael Fowler Centre The two venues are links via this glass air bridge: Civic Square There's free wireless internet access via cafenet in both venues.. The whole venue was hired by our Sponsors: CWA New Media!! REGISTER AT FOR FREE @

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