Group petitions against copyright law changes

, posted: 9-Jan-2009 10:56

Group petitions against copyright law changes | TECHNOLOGY Source: Bronwyn Holloway-Smith speaking on TVNZ's one news last night, about New Zealand's "guilt apon accusation" style copyright laws.

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Comment by Damager, on 9-Jan-2009 22:20

Legislation gone totally wrong..

I can imagine that my net would be disconnected because i found a rare mp3 that could only be found because someone who still has the Vinyl ripped and uploaded it to share..

Yes i can see that the new zealand music industry's sales will triple after i'm stopped from getting rare gems online.

Censorship gone silly.

Hopefully someone with some common sense puts an end to this nonsense or at least makes it workable.. which right now is unworkable.

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