Announcement: Linux Conference coming to Wellington next.

, posted: 24-Jan-2009 10:26

Here's the worst kept best secret in Wellington - is heading to wellington for 2010. This was finally officially announced at the 2009 conference final dinner in Hobart last night. It began as a lunch time conversation in Sydney - then someone made a wiki page - then people volunteered, and we put together a team, picked Andrew Ruthven as our mighty leader, and created the winning conference bid. (with a huge amount of research and negotiation with wellington businesses and government in between) our bid document varies from other opensource conferences I've attended, in that it's technically focused. Many conferences are targetted at management, and business owners making purchasing decisions. isn't. It's the actual hacker/coder/tester/degisners coming together to do face to face meetings, technical talks, and announcements from the people who actually build the opensource awesomeness we love. Wellington will never be the same again :-) The best and brightest from around New Zealaland, the pacific, Australia and the world will be descending on us in January 2010. Wellington being so awesome already, as many of the best and brightest already live here, perhaps we'll convince a few more that this is where they wanna stay. Visits Wellington in 2010! Submitted on 2009-01-23 19:37 Wellington, New Zealand will host in 2010! The announcement was made today at the 2009 conference currently being held in Hobart, Tasmania. "This is a hugely popular gathering of the world's leading free and open source experts, and the bids to host the next are always really strong. This year was no exception,” said Stewart Smith, President of Linux Australia. "Wellington is an excellent location for the increasingly inaccurately named" Originally an Australian conference, Wellington will be the second New Zealand city to host, making this a truly Australasian conference. "The Wellington team is dedicated, understands linux, and has a real passion to show us something really special in 2010," Mr Smith said. “We have been overwhelmed by the support we have already received from the Wellington City Council and local community groups such as InternetNZ, LinuxChix New Zealand, the New Zealand Open Source Society and Wellington PerlMongers,” said Andrew Ruthven, Director of the 'Capital Cabal' - the group of volunteers who put together Wellington's successful bid. The conference venue is right in the heart of Wellington's CBD, within easy reach of Wellington's numerous cafes and affordable restaurants. The Wellington Convention Centre has recently hosted the annual ICANN conference, the annual Webstock conference and Wellington's 2008 Software Freedom Day celebrations – all hugely popular IT-related events. “Wellington has a great mix of creative and technical people. It'll be great to get them together with some of the international gurus expected at LCA 2010.”, said Mr Ruthven. “To have them all together and inspired by some fantastic talks at an awesome location, that's when cool things really start to happen”. is a technical conference for the people that have made Linux, and free and open source software what it is today. “When you get IT experts together like this, the future direction of emerging projects start to take shape. When between sessions, we are nailing together Department of Conservation nest boxes for the Little Blue Penguins that visit Wellington harbour, magic will happen. That's what is all about – people getting together and making a difference.” is easily affordable for professionals and hobbyists alike thanks to generous sponsorship by leading proponents of free and open source software, and because the conference - much like the software - is largely organised by volunteers. For more information contact the Capital Cabal on

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Comment by freitasm, on 24-Jan-2009 10:37

Cool... Where do we register?

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