The greatest enemy of freedom is a happy slave

, posted: 27-Jan-2009 13:12

On Monday night, i attended a talk by Simon Phipps, Chief Open Source Officer at Sun Microsystems. He spoke on different models for getting opensource into new places, and organisations finding the true value of opensource is in the control it gives them, not in savings on licence fees. Sun now get more income from subscription services on opensolaris than they do on purchases of solaris licenses. OpenSolaris can be downloaded for free, and is opensource, and yet there are so many purchases of the support option. Procurement that requires a sales force out there pushing a product will always guarantee no Open Source is chosen. here's a great quote: "The greatest enemy of freedom is a happy slave" Simon also expressed his disgust at New Zealand law giving out internet disconnection to anyone accused of copyright - not just because of the "guilt apon accusation". For those who are guilty, forced disconnection is far too severe punishment for the crime of downloading an mp3 without permission and other small copyright infringments. He compared this to giving 5 strokes of the cane for chewing gum. (singapore has this law). This is similar to a comment by Lawrence Lessig, (Professor of Law at Stanford University)
"I don't know if you recognize this but you guys are at the edge of the world [...]. The idea that you would start cutting off internet access to people sitting at the edge of the world is crazy. [...] Allowing these random cutoffs of your connection to the rest of the world to define the future of New Zealand Internet is just crazy, so I hope that Government rethinks this before they march forward with this demand by copyright holders to push you back into the Dark Ages."
The visit by Simon Phipps was organised by Sun Microsystems - they also mentioned a talk on OpenStorage, sun's cloud thingie -- I'll hunt around for details and put up on soon.

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