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, posted: 28-Jan-2009 14:06

Last night i dreamed i did some public speaking, and then i won a sparkly pink tiara with pink fur trim. Turns out it was true! You have a PXT from 642102514733 on TwitPic i think this means i'm now supreme blogger in wellington!! (there can be only one, etc. etc.) I was part of a panel of bloggers who were asked to make predictions for the coming year. The other bloggers where Miraz Jordon, Philip Fierlinger and Mauricio Freitas Miraz predicted apple taking over the laptop market (75%!) and we'll need a licence to use the internet read more - Philip is actually a salesman for apple iphones - and Mauricio agreed opensource is going to take over the world but his kitchen might not get finished in time. Here are the predicions i made: Gadgets Opensource will take over the gadget world (finally!) webkit will be on more and more gadgets, but so will opera (closed source) and mozilla will make some inroads into mobile (and about time too for mozilla). This was confirmed today by the announcement that Mozilla have employed a programmer from palm PDA will be well and truly dead, and this makes me sad. iPods will only achieve a pale version of what PDAs could do 10 years ago. Web Tablets are not gonna take off. Games Opensource games will continue to suck in comparison to closed source. Assasins creed 2 will come out (Altair is really hot! - someone gave me $45 to say that) Internets "Friend" won't mean what it used to mean, and we'll need a new word. We'll all get sick of the word "cloud". - even @kiwitwitter The third world (which is actually the 2/3rds world) will start to lead the world, we will be following them through technology changes. Web Flash is a pox on the web Silverlight/silverdarkness is a pox on the web I predict a third pox on the web will emerge this year. Business The recession is all in in our heads - therefore we'll go cause a recession by believing in it. This will cause folks to think about their software purchasing decions a little harder - they'll pick opensource thinking they're saving money, and they're find it's not zero cost - they'll also find themselves in control of the technology they use, and hopefully they'll stick around for more once they realise the recession is all in their heads. Wellington will be in Wellington :-) Girl Geek Dinners will do a high school version. (the announcer said GGD sounds like a meat market, which it might be to a hetero male, but perhaps an IT industry populated with males is also be a "meat market" to hetero females). Wellington will continue to kick Auckland's collective arses, as the place to be for technology innovation, tech business and geeks.

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