Postal metaphor

, posted: 28-Jan-2009 17:20

Imagine if NZ Post was required to keep a photocopy of every thing you send in the post, unsealing the evelope to do so - including all your credit card statements, confidential contracts, love letters, photos of your kids sent to their grandma. Imagine what a stamp will cost under this law? All this would need to be saved just in case you get accused of copyright infringement by post - and if you are accused, your local postman is to be the judge of your guilt. If you are accused, and the postman can't work out if you're guilty or not, they will take the safer path and "disconnect you". You are now denied from sending or receiving any mail. Lets imagine you are guilty -- you posted a video of your 2 year old daughter dancing at her birthday party, and in the background there's some music by the wiggles - you infinged copyright both by recording this moment and by sharing it with their grandparents. You are denied use of the post. Now you can no longer receive you bank statement, no more photos sent to grandma, no christmas greetings from your sister in Ireland, and no more love letters. Imagine it's 1990 and Post is how everyone sends these things. Then imagine it's today - and it's not the Post, but your ISP -- and now you have the situation in New Zealand.

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Comment by Zach, on 28-Jan-2009 19:27

Good thing it's not quite like that.

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