Section 92 - Public Demonstration

, posted: 18-Feb-2009 10:32

Public Demonstration copied from creative freedom foundation In Wellington on the steps of Parliament on Thursday 19th at 12:30 with a petition handover at 1pm. This is a postive event where we will hand out hundreds of CDs and thank the politicans that support us - so please keep it friendly and polite. While we appreciate people arranging their own demonstrations it might be best if we don't dilute our numbers with multiple events. We want everyone reading this to email everyone they know in Wellington about this. We can't let this be another internet protest that results in few people turning up. This is important so we need to prove it in numbers. NOTE: Please don't wear all black as that has negative associations with other demonstrations but instead come along with bright clothes and BLACK PLACARDS!

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Comment by barf, on 18-Feb-2009 11:10

so which politicians are supporting this?

Comment by Richard, on 19-Feb-2009 09:54

The CFF website says 12 noon with a handover at 12.30.

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