, posted: 8-Jun-2006 15:55

i do alot of contracting to telecom mobile.. .about 60 hours a week actually.

i head into a meeting in a telecom building somewhere.. maybe across the road, maybe way up in auckland..
and all them telecom staff pull out their laptops or their wifi pdas.. and jump online during the meeting

so, i ask "can i use the wifi too?".. "sure" they say. "Just log in with your xtra username and password"

xtra?? :-(
but i don't have Xtra

so, no wifi for me.

not that i'm bitter....


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Comment by ascroft, on 9-Jun-2006 22:00

sheesh, hope you don't whip out a Voda mobile as well.......

Comment by ascroft, on 9-Jun-2006 22:02

sheesh, hope you don't whip out a Voda mobile as well.......

Comment by brenda, on 17-Oct-2007 14:09

dude - telecom's going utms... soon they won't be able to tell.

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