posting here is hard work..

, posted: 10-Jun-2006 11:28

i wish this site had some kinda blogapi.... meanwhile, my own site,, i can't get trackbacks working since the last upgrade. It's because i'm using a php FOSS CMS, and those php people are so addicted to their mysql. I wouldn't touch mysql with a thousand foot pole. .. My little website runs on drupal and postgresql, but the sql drupal throws at the database is mysql sql, so sometimes it just don't work... some more sql massaging required i suspect. it's not hard, it's just that, like i said at the start of this entry, i'm lazy.

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Comment by freitasm, on 10-Jun-2006 11:33

A blog API is something we thought about and is in the plans. We also plan to have an e-mail blogging tool. But, really, is no harder to post here than to post on Blogger or MSN Spaces.

Comment by tonyhughes, on 10-Jun-2006 12:08

Just bookmark this link and as long as you are logged into Geekzone, you will go straight into the create-a-post page... superfast - it just doesnt get faster than that, unless you can fire up a tool on your desktop - but id rather have post by email... (decentralise things away from my PC so I can do anything from anywhere...)

Comment by Brenda, on 10-Jun-2006 14:04

i like the UI on various blogging apps.. LogJam, Drivel, blogGTK. Features like: draft saving, previews, calendars, cross posting to multiple blogs, auto pulling info like what music i'm playing, mass categorisation, one button press to "edit previous post", brainstorm/todo lists of blogs i might write one day... There's a lot of reasons - but maybe it's mostly the consistency of having one interface to publish to anywhere.

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