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, posted: 1-Jul-2009 15:32

=== Call For Papers === ( ) is pleased to announce the opening of its Call for Papers for the coming, LCA2010! LCA2010 will be held from Monday 18 January 2010 to Saturday 23 January 2010 in Wellington, New Zealand. isn't just a Linux conference. It is a technical conference about Free and Open Source Software, held annually in Australasia since 2001 - covering everything from the Linux Kernel and the BSDs to, from networking to audio-visual magic, from hardware hacks to Creative Commons. === Important Dates === Call for Papers opens: Monday 29 June 2009 Call for Papers closes: Friday 24 July 2009 Email Notifications from Papers Committee: Early September 2009 Registrations open: Mid September 2009 Conference Dates: Monday 18 January to Saturday 23 January 2001 === Information on Papers === The LCA2010 Papers Committee is looking for a broad range of papers spanning everything from programming and software to desktop and userspace to community, government and education but there is one essential: The core of your paper must relate to open source in some way, i.e., if it's a paper about software then the software has to be licensed under an Open Source license. The LCA2010 Papers Committee welcome proposals for Papers on the following topics: * Kernel and system topics such as filesystems and embedded devices * Networking topics such as peer to peer networking, or tuning a TCP/IP stack * Desktop topics such as office and productivity applications, mobile devices, peripherals, crypto & security and viruses and other malware * Server topics such as clusters and other supercomputers, databases and grid computing * Systems administration topics such as maintaining large numbers of machines and disaster recovery * Programming topics such as software engineering practices and test driven development * Free Software and Free Culture topics, including licencing and Free and Open approaches outside software * Free Software usage topics, including home, IT, education, manufacturing, research and government usage. Most presentations and tutorials will be technical in nature, but proposals for presentations on other aspects of Free Software and Free Culture, such as educational and cultural aspects are welcome. LCA2010 is pleased to invite proposals for three types of papers: * Presentation - 45 minutes * Tutorials - 1 hour and 45 minutes (short) * Tutorials - 3 hours and 30 minutes (long) Presentations are 45 minute slots (including questions) that are typically a one-way lecture from you to the audience - the typical conference presentation. These form the bulk of the available conference slots. Tutorials are either 1 hour and 45 minutes, or 3 hours and 30 minutes in length, and work best when they are interactive or hands-on in nature. Tutorials are expected to have a specific learning outcome for attendees. To increase the number of people that can view your talk, LCA2010 may video the talks and make them publicly available after LCA2010. When submitting your proposal you will be asked whether materials relating to your paper can be released under a Creative Commons ShareALike License. For more information, see: === About === is one of the world's best conferences for free and open source software! The coming, LCA2010, will be held at the Wellington Convention Centre in Wellington, New Zealand from Monday 18 January to Saturday 23 January 2010. LCA2010 is fun, informal and seriously technical, bringing together Free and Open Source developers, users and community champions from around the world. LCA2010 is the second time has been held in New Zealand, with the first being Dunedin in 2006. For more information see: === About Linux Australia === Linux Australia is the peak body for Linux User Groups around Australia, and as such represents approximately 5000 Australian Linux users and developers. Linux Australia facilitates the organisation of this international Free Software conference in a different Australasian city each year. For more information see: === Emperor Penguin Sponsors === LCA2010 is proud to acknowledge the support of our Emperor Penguin Sponsor, InternetNZ. For more information see: === Papers Enquiries === LCA2010 Papers Committee Email:

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