, posted: 22-Jun-2006 14:53

... [das] Headline: Bill Gates will be leaving Microsoft in July 2008 [Cryo] I'm sure that will be delayed.
OKAY, how do i go angle brackets on this blog thing? ampersdane gt; doesn't work...

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Comment by freitasm, on 22-Jun-2006 15:30

Hmmm. What about simply entering ?

Author's note by taniwha, on 22-Jun-2006 17:03

entering a question mark??? if i want to surround something with angle brackets, like this:

Comment by juha, on 22-Jun-2006 20:00

Angle brackets . If this works, the word test above should be in angle brackets.

Comment by Brenda, on 22-Jun-2006 20:39

here's how it's done. first, change the meta charset to UTF8... any other charset deserves a smack! Then the browsers should not encode it, so you'll get a nice normal UTF8 character .... Then, on display, whack the text through a entiti-ifier function.... Anything with an ordinate outside this regex: /[A-Za-z0-9\+\#\!\(\)\[\]\*\/\-\:\;\\,\' \_\?\=\.]/

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