Skype Hotfix Update

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 9-Aug-2006 12:26

A check for updates in Skype reveals an update with the following changes:

Change Log
26.07.2006 version

* bugfix: Relayed call quality improvements
* bugfix: Crash in chat window with unsent text when ESC is held
* bugfix: Crash when focusing on the dial pad
* bugfix: Crash in video codec
* bugfix: Disabled call tab redial when something is typed on address bar
* Public API: Added error messages for empty OPEN commands
* Public API: BTN_RELEASED NO does not close call tab after failed call
* Public API: Cannot move in Contacts during active call with BTN_RELEASED (UP|DOWN)

Its good to see continued improvement of a product, which, in the world of VoIP could easily make or break even the biggest players... but im especially hoping video calling is a little more reliable for me (video keeps crashing).

Beware thy puny ADSL cap, this minor update is 10 megabytes... (I guess its the full client again...)

More information

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