Still alive and kicking

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 17-Mar-2006 11:18

Wow, people are still reading this drivel. Thats great. Right - who watched the entire opening of the Commonwealth Games? . ... .. . Didnt think so. How 'bout that Queen eh? Couldnt have been more disinterested if she was paid to be there... Little happening on the Geek front at present, am desperately hunting for a new car as the Geek ute lunched its head gasket, and I cant be bothered fixing it. Check out my Trademe auctions for my utes if you feel like cringeing (is that a word?) along with me, as the price inches upwards dollar by dollar from no reserve... Tossing up between an early GTS Skyline, and a '96 Fairmont Wagon (why didnt they make a Ghia variant of the wagon?? ugh).

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Comment by chiefie, on 17-Mar-2006 12:38

why not a honda civic hybrid? they're real nice to drive and take a bit to learn how to drive efficiently and you'll enjoy the auto-engine-shut-off at stop. :-D

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