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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 5-Mar-2006 22:38

Mauricio let us know about Google Pages and I managed to sign up before they stopped accepting new signups. My Google Pages site is here. Its really easy to use, and to create pages, so much so that my grandmother could use it I think. It would be better than the likes of etc for people who just want a basic informational web page (about me, about my cat, about my car etc). I am simply using mine as a place to store images online at the moment. I see Google Pages doing a lot of smalltime web hosts out of business for clients who just want really basic 'page hosting'. The admin side of it is regularly out of order, so they are clearly doing a bit of work on it. It might become the new standard for basic free webhosting, and it will be interesting to see who follows suit - although Microsoft already have MSN spaces which is kinda cool if you want a basic blog/about me type thing.

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