Connecting to your Exchange Server from home with Evolution

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 26-Apr-2007 00:42

I stumbled upon this completely by accident the other day... A bit of googling shows that its a well known and well used feature.

I use webmail from home a lot for work, and it blows. It works, but its kinda slow over New Zealands creaky old ADSL circuits.

Using the open source Evolution mail client, you can simply set up a new account, select Microsoft Exchange as the server type, and enter your OWA username, URL, and password. You will have full calendar, contacts, email and tasks available on the local client, so no more waiting for web pages to load. Its using the Outlook Web Access system to move items back and forth, and seems to support all functions I have used so far.

The Evolution mail client is also available for Windows but be warned, the Windows version does not handle https:// urls for OWA, and its ugly as sin.

Really really ugly.

The Linux version however, is a very good looking, mature client!

Cant really show a lot on the screenshot other than the fact it works, email and calendar and contacts look the same whether its pulled from Exchange or generated locally anyway!

Its nice that I can do this without a VPN at all, and at home I can use one client for work and personal email.


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Comment by chiefie, on 26-Apr-2007 11:12

Yeah, I have heard of Evolution when Gnome announced the groupware product that to compete with Exchange, and their pinnacle email/pim client is Evolution. It's as good as Outlook for Exchange, as Evolution for Gnome groupware and Exchange.

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