How to tell if a NZ mobile number is on-net or off-net

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 31-Aug-2007 12:08

With the advent of mobile number portability in New Zealand, the 027 & 021 prefixes are no longer a reliable method of determining if your call or text or photo message is staying on-net at a cheap rate, or going off net at a higher cost.

Telecom & Vodafone mobile customers can send a text to the number 300, that contains a mobile number they wish to check. They will recieve a reply back stating whether or not the number is on the same network or not.

This is a free service.

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Comment by rscole86, on 31-Aug-2007 12:25

This also works from a Vodafone mobile, though I am unsure if it is free or not. I would say it is.

Comment by johnr, on 31-Aug-2007 12:28

Yes it is free on Vodafone

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