FlashCards.co.nz rides again

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 9-Nov-2007 18:36

After buying an Okta Touch and being disappointed with no bundled microSD (my HTC Titan came with a 256MB I think it was), I jumped through to http://www.flashcards.co.nz and bought a 2GB microSD. $41 delivered - I guess I could have got it a tad cheaper through work or Trademe, but not by much, and Flashcards had it to me within 14 hours (!!!!) of placing my order on the website! (I live in Hawkes Bay, Flashcards.co.nz do not!).

Great service.

I hear the the Touch supports the SDHC - I was very tempted to find a 6 or 8GB card! But they are still a disproportionatley high price.

Lovin' the CDMA OKTA Touch (aka HTC Touch). What a great phone.


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Comment by stevonz, on 9-Nov-2007 21:52

Flashcards rock!

Comment by AmooMan, on 11-Nov-2007 15:38

I 2nd that !!

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