Download Skype 2.5 Beta

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 4-May-2006 08:37

Here is the download link - the current Skype release tells me I have the latest version, and the download link for the beta was not very obvious... i had to go searching.

Cool new things in Skype 2.5 BETA

We’ve listened to your feedback and have made our new Skype 2.5 easier to install, get connected, use and pay for premium features like SkypeOut.

Call normal phones easily from Skype with our new SkypeOut Easy Dialing and new ways to pay.

Easily keep in touch with friends and family by using Shared Groups to share contact details and introduce friends.

Create a social space for your group for free with conference calling and group chat.

Call your Outlook® contacts directly from Skype.

Send SMS messages to your friends from Skype.

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Author's note by tonyhughes, on 4-May-2006 09:43

bootnote: but a trip to Skypes front page reveals a nice big Beta download notice/link... Maybe "check for updates" should have offered "there is a beta available, would you like to learn more" ?

Comment by freitasm, on 4-May-2006 11:56

Now I only have to find my DualPhone in the boxes around the house...

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 4-May-2006 15:21

mmm dualphone... must put that on my birthday wishlist...

Comment by freitasm, on 10-May-2006 12:18

I haven't downloaded Skype 2.5 yet, but just bought another SkypeIn number, this time in Melbourne (Australia).

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