Telecoms Unbundled Local Loop - Full Length Album Version

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 4-May-2006 16:37

Looking for some juicy discussion about the Governments decision to unbundle the local loop? Just click here to visit a very lively discussion/debate in the Geekzone forums, including some industry insiders, staff, media and others...

Now... wheres Annette Presley (Slingshot) and Mark Rushworth (Ihug) to put their two cents worth in?

Come to think of it, would be nice for Xtra, Woosh and a few others to join the fray.

We could have a Geekzone hosted "ISP Deathmatch"


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Comment by juha, on 4-May-2006 17:06

Annette versus Theresa... hmm. Stilettoe heels at dawn. That could work. :)

Comment by Jama, on 4-May-2006 23:16

Juha if you could have thrown Rosemary Howard in to the mix as well that would have been a sight. I just can not picture Dr Freeth or Mark Rushworth in Stilettos.

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