Vista boot time on a 2.20GHz Macbook

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 24-Feb-2008 22:51

Just installed Vista using bootcamp on a 2.20GHz Santa Rosa Macbook, with 1GB RAM.

Bootup time from end of bios post (best guess anyway, Apple has a blank coloured background for post!!) was a total of 51 seconds, including logging in, and successfully clicking the start button.

This was on a clean install of Windows Vista Ultimate, including the Apple Bootcamp drivers, and no other changes.

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Comment by STi, on 24-Feb-2008 23:32

No surprise there, according to PC World the fastest Windows Vista laptop they tested in 2007 was a Mac book pro.

Comment by freitasm, on 25-Feb-2008 09:35

I am very happy with Windows Vista Ultimate boot time on a Mac mini I use here as Media Center. I also have a 1 GB USB memory key for ReadyBoost. You should notice that boot times will change over time as you use the PC more and more because of SuperFetch...

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