Gizmo Project now showing caller id on PSTN calls to NZ

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 10-May-2006 15:30

I discovered today during testing, that Gizmo (a contender to Skype, but using SIP), will show your SIP number when calling a landline now, including a '00' prefix when the call landed on my New Zealand landline.

If you return the call, you simply get a number doesnt exist message from the Telecom New Zealand PSTN system, but at least its better than calls coming through as "0000 / Overseas call", which is often a good indication of a Slingshot Indian Call Center.

So now your contacts can save your SIP number in their phones, and have your name come up when you call them via the Call Out function (think 'SkypeOut').  Even better, if they dont understand technology, they will think you popped over to the USA for a few days...

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Comment by sbiddle, on 10-May-2006 16:52

I'm just about to set up a Gizmo account and hook it up to my Asterisk box if you want to have a play later on.

Comment by juha, on 11-May-2006 08:13

Looks good, but NZ mobile calls are a bit pricey at US$0.334 cents surely? Check out for a comparison.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 11-May-2006 08:16

yeah mobile calls are pricey. Skype works out to the same as calling from my mobile phone.

Comment by raj, on 7-Jan-2007 20:40

yeah mobile calls are pricey. Skype works out to the same as calling from my mobile phone.

Comment by dino bravo, on 23-Sep-2009 07:49

i have tested this out and it is in fact not true that you get a unique number by dialing from gizmo. all callers will get the same caller id. if you call some countries, caller id will show up as private.

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