Vista FTP transfers in Windows Explorer are very sloooowwwww

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 29-May-2008 14:04

So I had 5MB I needed to upload to my host in Obamaland (May he win in comfort). On a strange PC with no FTP client loaded, I figured I would just do it through Windows Explorer (Vista Business no service pack).

After 5 minutes it was still saying 60 mins to go, so I downloaded portable Filezilla, started the upload, and wrote this blog post. With the files having been transferring for about 3 minutes now, there is only another minute or so to go for the transfer to finish.

Why is the worlds largest software company getting this sort of thing so wrong?

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Comment by southernman, on 31-May-2008 10:09

One wonders why one had forgotten about ftp from the commandline as part of the OS... Please return your geek decoder ring at your earliest opportunity. :)

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