New mobile number ranges in New Zealand from 1-Aug-2008

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 29-Jul-2008 10:06

From the start of August, some new mobile number ranges will be bought into service in New Zealand:

  • 0201 Orcon Mobile
  • 0241-0244 and 0246-0249 NZ Communications
  • 0280 Compass
  • 02885 M2 & Black+White

Interesting stuff - the competition is starting to heat up (well... thaw out from ice cold at least).

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Comment by sleemanj, on 29-Jul-2008 14:13

0201 seems like a bad idea to me, I can see lots of people thinking the second zero is an error.

Comment by James Pole, on 1-Oct-2008 10:34

I wonder who who was allocated the 0245 prefix. Seems odd that NZC got all the 024 prefixes except for 0245.

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