Running SoftSqueeze on Ubuntu 9.04

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 18-May-2009 17:27

Instructions for getting the SoftSqueeze client running on a standard Jaunty desktop:

  1. Go here and download the softsqueeze java version as a .zip file

  2. Extract it in a folder somewhere

  3. Use Synaptic Package Manager (Applications > Add/Remove) to find and install "Sun Java 6 Runtime"

  4. Head back into your Softsqueeze directory

  5. Right-click the softsqueeze.jar file

  6. Click properties

  7. Click open-wtih

  8. Select "Sun Java 6 Runtime"

  9. Okay

Almost done...

Sound output in Softsqueeze defaulted to an unused HDMI path, so I had to set it to "Java Sound Audio Engine", but other than that, it automatically found my Squeezecenter server, and everything works perfectly.

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