Twitter Integration With Telecom Mobile Is Now Working

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 28-May-2009 09:20

You can now set up your mobile number in Twitters device settings page, text the confirmation code to 8987 (TWTR), and send text tweets straight from your mobile!!

Not officially announced yet as live, so your results may vary!

Happy Tweeting everyone!


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Comment by tr3v, on 28-May-2009 10:27

Thanks, I have just restored my Twitter account - maybe I will find it useful now :-)

Comment by chiefie, on 28-May-2009 10:51

Same as Vodafone TWTR TXT service. Managed to get it working last night - after a brain-fart that configured the schedule to quiet between 10am-7am! *lol*

Comment by Sam, on 29-May-2009 11:41

Hi what will the charge for this be per text, do you know?

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