Desperatley Seeking CSS

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 26-Jun-2006 20:16

Since Mauricio enabled CSS on the Geekzone blog system, I have had a little play around with it, but im no CSS expert (very far from it). If anyone would like to create a design for my blog, unpaid, I will put their name in lights with a text link and/or small banner/button on the sidebar for at least as long as I use your basic design. Interested? Contact me to register your interest. I just dont have the time or inclination to learn CSS stuff...

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Comment by Jama, on 26-Jun-2006 20:29

Me too. I am hopeless and don't have time to learn CSS.

Comment by juha, on 27-Jun-2006 07:43

It's not that hard - just remember that you style the content with CSS. Have a look at the source for my blog to get some starting hints and check out places like CSS Zengarden. I would definitely recommend to write the CSS the way I've done, with one selector:parameter; per line for readability and also to keep related things organised. Makes it easier to try things out one at the time and to troubleshoot stuff.

Comment by taniwha, on 27-Jun-2006 09:29

i had a go... but can't get the padding right

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