SDHC SD MMC miniSD transflash MS MSPro MSProDuo xD CFI CFII Where does it all end?

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 18-Jul-2006 15:54

I have a Nokia 6265, with a 2GB miniSD. My last Nokia phone used full size SD, so I have some 512MB SD cards. My camera is a modern Sony, so has a 1.0GB Memorystick Pro Duo. Previous camera was a Samsung and took SD, so I have more of those too.

Depending on the brand of device you buy, you might be locked into some expensive flash memory, that is all but useless should you wish to upgrade to a different brand later on.

Higher capacities for SD will also require a new reader for the SD-HC standard for 4GB - 32GB SDHC cards. So, throw away your printer with a whiz-bang built in card reader, because it cant do SDHC!

Perhaps Moores law is going to apply to the number of flash memory standards now, and double every 18 months?

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