Of Fatherhood, Video Drivers and 4-Dimensional Passwords

, posted: 4-Oct-2007 09:35

In a brief moment I had decided to get out of bed, wander down the corridor to the computer, and download the latest nVidia drivers.

Before I knew it I was installing them and preparing for reboot.

The clock ticked over to 3.37am.

A curious thing about the early stages of fatherhood (2nd time around for me) is that you tend to be awake at ungodly hours for quite lengthy periods at a time.  One's mind wanders and licks around like a flame from a lighter waiting for the wick of a sodden candle to ignite.  Occasionally it does ignite, and that's what had me install a new video driver a 3.37am.

I never have time to play games anymore, what with long work hours and two children under the age of two to manage.  But I find myself on the beta testing team for various games.  Occupational hazard one might say.  I downloaded nearly 2 gigabytes of a game about a week ago and have yet to install it.  But I figured with the few minutes I had available around 3am it would be the perfect time to at least install a shiny new video driver.

It only occurred to me how odd this behaviour was when I returned to bed shortly afterwards.

My mental flame flickered again thinking about the complexity of passwords I'm forced to employ these days and I dreamed up passwords that rely on rhythm to input.  How much more complex would it make my password if I had to enter it to the rhythm of this week's Hi-5 theme song?  I'd say it would foil most hackers.  Automated logins would of course need some assistance, but then that's why public key encryption was invented.

Now to get some well earned rest at work...

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Comment by freitasm, on 4-Oct-2007 10:22

Hmmm. Even though I live in front of a computer (and we have lots around here at home), if I were to wake up at 3am my wife would probably expect me to change and feed Isabella. She would be really mad at me (not really, she wouldn't say that loudly) for not helping...

But yes, I know the urge...

Author's note by vrtual, on 4-Oct-2007 10:48

Ah yes, that'll be a training issue .
For the record I'd already helped out all I could, and was just waiting around for the feed to finish.

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