Radiohead yesterday... free music?

, posted: 11-Oct-2007 09:44

So the album release came and went. A smooth transaction as far as I'm concerned. Now to find time to listen to it...

Almost immediately an interesting issue comes up... there are typically no mp3s on our workplace network but someone has now posted this album.

Is it "free"?
Is it "freely distributable"?
How far does their "Really - it's up to you." policy go.

I suspect not that far, otherwise they wouldn't go to the trouble of getting you to register for a download, and at least waft the payment page in front of your face first.

That being said, there aren't many bands (heaven forbid music labels) I'd be inclined to give my email details to, as I already receive far too much mail to actually read over the course of a day. So if I have to register myself for every album download I doubt that would be fun for very much longer.

I'm a firm believer in paying for what you use with music. I'd love to have free access to all music and pick what I want, or pay a monthly subscription to pick and choose what I want for a reasonable price, knowing that the right people are receiving the fruits of their labours and not a bunch of middle men and plastic-goods manufacturers.

Gerd Leonhard explores the subscription notion in his free online book "TheEndOfControl" which is turning into a fascinating read with 2 chapters already online.

Interesting days ahead no doubt...

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