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, posted: 29-Jul-2011 14:15

Last night I finally got round to putting up a review on the Orcon Genius -

Im happy with it, but its amusing to see the two different views on the Orcon offering, one side you have those that have'nt used VoIP at home before and are willing to give Orcon a go, then you have the other side who are Xnet users and have been using their service for a few years and going on about Orcon being slow etc.

Yes, XNet have had a good (from what I've heard) VoIP service for a while but Orcon are the first to really push VoIP into the consumer market. If Xnet had pushed their service into the consumer market more, maybe things would be different.

As someone recently said to me, "It's like selling kitset cars for years and then along comes the Model T Ford."

Anyway, each to their own, I just happen to prefer Orcons offering at this time.

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Comment by ChrisNZL, on 29-Jul-2011 23:51

Features and prices aside, Xnet's marketing could do with a boost.

Their website design got redone recently, yet it's possibly worse than before.

Walls of black text on a grey background (horrible contrast), PDF files everywhere you look...

Compare that with Orcon's website, which is all snazzy, bright, colourful, short on text up front for higher impact, and much more inviting.

And I don't think I've ever seen an Xnet advertisement before, unlike Orcon's campaigns!

I get the impression that Xnet just sits around waiting for customers to join, whereas Orcon actually makes an effort to attract new customers.

Comment by old3eyes, on 30-Jul-2011 14:36

Does this only work with LLU or are you Ok going thru a cabinet??

Author's note by xpd, on 31-Jul-2011 09:38

@old3eyes - works fine via cabinet which is how Im connected.

Comment by Dratsab, on 31-Jul-2011 21:15

I've been with Xnet for just over 3 years now and wasn't aware they did any marketing at all. Only heard about them through this site.

Absolutely no complaints about the product though. It was easy to set up and it works. Can't really say any more than that.

Author's note by xpd, on 1-Aug-2011 09:03

@Dratsab Thats why Ive mentoned in the review and other places that Xnets offering seems to be aimed more at the "geek" community as they dont push themselves towards the standard consumer, which is what Orcon have obviously picked up on and filled the gap. Im getting a lot of crap from Xnet community for saying that....but its true.
Its what business is all about... see a need and fill it with your product.

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