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Newshub to close
Created by freitasm, last reply by SaltyNZ on 1-Mar-2024 19:39 (137 replies)
Pages ... 8 9 10

leap year takes out Fuel stop pump payments
Created by wellygary, last reply by CB_24 on 1-Mar-2024 12:03 (55 replies)
Pages ... 2 3 4

Petition to reduce EV RUCs
Created by SaltyNZ, last reply by SaltyNZ on 2-Mar-2024 06:31 (71 replies)
Pages ... 3 4 5

Without 'excess-free glass cover' option, my insurance says I have no cover at all?
Created by abreis, last reply by Technofreak on 29-Feb-2024 20:20 (17 replies)
Pages ... 2

Homekit bridge options
Created by johno1234, last reply by AKT on 1-Mar-2024 23:01 (14 replies)

DHCP/IPoE Authentication is here!
Created by quic, last reply by leaplae on 29-Feb-2024 09:46 (117 replies)
Pages ... 6 7 8

Cost of moving ETP and ONT
Created by xpd, last reply by danfaulknor on 28-Feb-2024 17:58 (26 replies)
Pages ... 2

Looking for next steps to fix my inconsistent VDSL
Created by Lizm3, last reply by nztim on 1-Mar-2024 09:36 (30 replies)
Pages ... 2

Overseas license suspension
Created by staysalty, last reply by RunningMan on 27-Feb-2024 18:56 (31 replies)
Pages ... 2 3

'Forced' tipping by EFTPOS
Created by floydbloke, last reply by MikeAqua on 28-Feb-2024 09:17 (65 replies)
Pages ... 3 4 5

PC Troubles - Watercooling?
Created by bla, last reply by eonsim on 1-Mar-2024 08:08 (17 replies)
Pages ... 2

Property wanted site - owners to respond
Created by ascroft, last reply by ANglEAUT on 29-Feb-2024 21:33 (8 replies)

Amazon Echo Pop Review
Posted on 8-Jan-2024 14:22

A new Amazon Echo device landed in New Zealand last month, ready for those starting to use digital assistants or those wanting to add more to their setup....

Fitbit Charge 6 Review
Posted on 27-Nov-2023 16:21

Google has recently announced changes in its Fitbit business, pulling out of over a dozen markets worldwide. But the brand continues in New Zealand, and the new Fitbit Charge 6 has just landed. ...

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Max (2nd Generation) Review
Posted on 14-Nov-2023 16:17

Almost a year after Amazon released its Fire TV Stick 4k Max in New Zealand, an updated version is available....

GoPro Hero12 Black Review
Posted on 17-Oct-2023 15:56

The GoPro Hero12 Black is still as small and light as before but packs just a few more features under the hood....

Nespresso Vertuo Creatista Review
Posted on 14-Sep-2023 15:50

The Vertuo Creatista lets anyone make good coffee and coffee-based drinks at home....

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[Annoy] What's something small that really annoys you?
Created by Finch, last reply by neb on 2-Mar-2024 11:06 (23282 replies)
Pages ... 1551 1552 1553

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, S24+ and S24 announcement and owners
Created by heavenlywild, last reply by gehenna on 2-Mar-2024 10:55 (422 replies)
Pages ... 27 28 29

FS: Amazon FireTV Stick 4K MAX
Created by Rickles, last reply by Rickles on 2-Mar-2024 10:52

Aggregate Concrete Pathway Installation
Created by steve181, last reply by steve181 on 2-Mar-2024 10:39

Joining electrical conduit
Created by gzt, last reply by larknz on 2-Mar-2024 10:17 (13 replies)

Formula 1 2024 Season Discussion
Created by Jaxson, last reply by tdgeek on 2-Mar-2024 10:14 (98 replies)
Pages ... 5 6 7

Schlage lock into Home Assistant
Created by ashtonaut, last reply by ashtonaut on 2-Mar-2024 09:50 (3 replies)

Sony TV Sideloaded Apps Not Working
Created by allstarnz, last reply by robjg63 on 2-Mar-2024 09:25 (9 replies)

Epic YouTube Videos
Created by garvani, last reply by kingdragonfly on 2-Mar-2024 09:17 (1570 replies)
Pages ... 103 104 105

Wordle... getting started
Created by rogercruse, last reply by Stu on 2-Mar-2024 08:02 (4885 replies)
Pages ... 324 325 326

[Smile] What's something small that really makes you smile?
Created by Ge0rge, last reply by eracode on 2-Mar-2024 07:52 (5152 replies)
Pages ... 342 343 344

Share a recipe or food thought - General Discussion.
Created by networkn, last reply by Tinkerisk on 2-Mar-2024 07:13 (601 replies)
Pages ... 39 40 41

Petition to reduce EV RUCs
Created by SaltyNZ, last reply by SaltyNZ on 2-Mar-2024 06:31 (71 replies)
Pages ... 3 4 5

My One NZ - App and Website issue
Created by matisyahu, last reply by MaxineN on 2-Mar-2024 04:26 (5 replies)

Homekit bridge options
Created by johno1234, last reply by AKT on 1-Mar-2024 23:01 (14 replies)

Muppets on the road
Created by jarledb, last reply by MadEngineer on 1-Mar-2024 22:52 (1952 replies)
Pages ... 129 130 131

Ubiquiti Edgerouter Tutorial
Created by michaelmurfy, last reply by ratsun81 on 1-Mar-2024 22:30 (844 replies)
Pages ... 55 56 57

Odd Txt Regarding Roaming And 3G
Created by Rickles, last reply by Rickles on 1-Mar-2024 22:05 (14 replies)

Meshtastic, is anyone using it in New Zealand?
Created by scottjpalmer, last reply by Erayd on 1-Mar-2024 21:07 (43 replies)
Pages ... 2 3

Newshub to close
Created by freitasm, last reply by SaltyNZ on 1-Mar-2024 19:39 (137 replies)
Pages ... 8 9 10

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Synology Introduces BeeStation
Posted on 23-Feb-2024 14:14

BeeStation makes backing up, managing and sharing files easy, without subscription fees and with maximum control over your private data....

New One UI 6.1 Update Brings Galaxy AI to More Galaxy Devices
Posted on 23-Feb-2024 10:50

The update will be available across the Galaxy S23 series, S23 FE, Z Fold5, Z Flip5 and Tab S9 series, starting to roll out from the end of March....

Amazon Echo Hub Available in New Zealand
Posted on 23-Feb-2024 10:40

Echo Hub with Alexa is Amazon's first smart home control panel built for simple and intuitive connected device management....

InternetNZ Releases Internet Insights 2023
Posted on 20-Feb-2024 10:31

New research commissioned by InternetNZ shows many New Zealanders are concerned about young children accessing inappropriate content online....

Seagate Adds 24TB IronWolf Pro Hard Drives for Multi-user Commercial and Enterprise RAID Storage Solutions
Posted on 19-Feb-2024 16:54

Purpose-build drives engineered to deliver 24×7 performance, reliability, and dependability....

Seagate Skyhawk AI 24TB Elevates Edge Security Capacity and Performance
Posted on 9-Feb-2024 17:18

This advanced video-optimised hard drive is specifically designed for Enterprise NVRs enabled with AI....

GoPro Releases Quik Desktop App for macOS and Introduces Premium+ Subscription Tier
Posted on 9-Feb-2024 17:14

Synced editing across desktop and mobile, unlimited cloud storage of your GoPro footage, auto camera-to-cloud upload, auto highlight videos, intuitive editing plus media management tools and more....

Ring Introduces New Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro
Posted on 9-Feb-2024 16:51

Ring has launched its most advanced battery doorbell yet, Battery Video Doorbell Pro, packed with cutting-edge features including 3D Motion Detection and Bird's Eye View....

Galaxy AI Transforms the new Galaxy S24 Series
Posted on 18-Jan-2024 07:00

Galaxy AI introduces meaningful intelligence to enhance every part of life, especially the phone's most fundamental role: communication....

D-Link launches AI-Powered Aquila Pro M30 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Systems
Posted on 17-Jan-2024 20:02

These are available as both a 2-pack and 3-pack, engineered to address Wi-Fi users' three most common pain points: coverage, speed and usability....