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It's Friday afternoon and I need to have at least one post here...

, posted: 17-Mar-2006 16:48

I should really be looking at why the Motorola V710's don't work with Windows Mobile 5 (but that's another story).

So - a quick tip for those who are having trouble with Dial-Up Networking connections on Pocket PC (or Windows CE) devices.

Did you know that by adding the registry key entry (at the end of this post), you can get the Windows CE / Pocket PC operating system to generate a modem log every time that you "attempt" to create a connection??

I've personally found this extremely useful to check that "Extra modem commands" are being sent down correctly or to find out why the PPP negotiation is failing when attempting a GPRS connection.

  • Each "modem" connection generates a different (numbered) log.
  • The logs are named "mdmlogX.txt", where X is a digit 1-9.
  • The logs are saved to the top level of the file system.


Comment by freitasm, on 17-Mar-2006 17:21

Are you having problems with the V710 and Windows Mobile dial-up over Bluetooth? Try adding Z; at the start of the Init String (or simply use Z; if no other Init String is in use).

For some unknown reason it looks like all new Motorola and Sony Ericsson require a reset command before use over Bluetooth...

Author's note by 3g, on 22-Mar-2006 12:06

Unfortunately we can't even pair the V710 with our device running WM5. I suspect it's something to do with the hacks that Verizon put on their phones (eg removing Obex support), but after a bit of googling it appears that it's a known problem.

By the end of Friday I was able to see what's wrong (with a scanner), but unfortunately I don't have access to the source code for either the phone nor WM5, so I guess we just have to recommend that customers use another phone.

But either way, I'll definitely file away the tip of adding Z; - chances are it will come in handy!

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Through this work (which sometimes involves visiting other parts of the world), I've come up with, err, I'd hate to call it a "wealth of information", but let's just say that I've struck enough problems over the last few years that I'm sure that SOMEBODY out there might benefit from some of the tips that I'll be putting up.

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