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HSDPA Tomorrow

, posted: 11-Sep-2006 12:27

According to all of the reports here (which other minor sites have referenced Cool), Vodafone New Zealand will be launching their new HSDPA network tomorrow (Sep 12).

I'm looking forward to seeing if they introduce new packages that tackle the old problem of having to keep your landline (from Telecom) to get ADSL. Although I'll be waiting til next April when (hopefully) number portability will come into effect, I'm sure there will be a lot of people tempted to make the move if they can offer a competitive package.

I'll also be interested to look at the Vodem (see More Vodafone HSDPA: get discounts on a HSDPA USB modem).

Although I suspect the performance might not be as good as those devices that have an external antenna, I believe the "all-in-one" solution will be a viable alternative that will particularly meet the needs of the home user.

The launch is quite timely as I'm off to a conference in the US on Friday to talk about the direction of wireless technologies - hopefully HSDPA is the right direction Smile.

Nigel H (aka 3g).

PS I will post a review of some HSDPA hardware once the network goes live...

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Comment by simon_nz90, on 11-Sep-2006 20:35

While I think this new high speed 3g service could be good for some residential users, i can't see it becoming an alternative to Telecoms DSL service.

Ping rates would be too high and data caps wouldnt be enough.

Hopefully we will see some new plans tomorrow though.

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