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Vodafone HSDPA launch

, posted: 12-Sep-2006 07:31

So the press release is out:
"Broadband in your back pocket will become a reality for New Zealanders on 1 October with the launch of Vodafone 3G broadband."

First glance indicates that the plans look good:
$29.95 for 200MB*
$49.95 for 1GB*

* Requires 24 month contract - $10 more if you want "No term"

The "Bundle Insurance" is a new one for me - if you exceed your data usage (eg 1GB), you can pay an extra $10 and they'll let you have another 1GB. Once you exceed that limit, you will be charged $0.50 per excess MB.

Hardware prices vary considerably, depending on which plan you're on and whether you're on a contract.

For the Vodem:
$199 (200MB plan, 24 month contract)
$429 (200MB plan, no term)
$99 (1GB plan, 24 month contract)
$429 (1GB plan, no term)

For the VMC Data Card:
$299 (200MB plan, 24 month contract)
$529 (200MB plan, no term)
$199 (1GB plan, 24 month contract)
$529 (1GB plan, no term)

I guess the thing that I had hoped for was a "package deal" - ie voice+data, in the same way that Telstra does with their cable solution. Maybe that will come later 8-).

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Comment by juha, on 12-Sep-2006 07:56


Woah! :)

Comment by chiefie, on 12-Sep-2006 07:57

Interesting, the data plan gone fom 5 or 6 to just 2 (+2 variants each). What happened to the Casual plan, or 3MB Data plan? My voice SIM has 3MB data plan and my TelstraClear Mobile SIM has 1GB plan which i got since April.

Author's note by 3g, on 12-Sep-2006 08:04

Heheh - thanks for spotting the typo Juha 8-).
200GB would have been something to celebrate!

Comment by freitasm, on 12-Sep-2006 08:27

1st October only... Until then a lot can happen.

Comment by NeoTech, on 12-Sep-2006 08:29

Looks like the lower use options are still available Chiefie. See here

Comment by alasta, on 12-Sep-2006 08:29

Chiefie - The lower data plans do still exist, but they appear to be promoted as a seperate product as they're on a different pages on Vodafone's site.

I was hoping that Vodafone's new plans may become a feasible alternative to Woosh, but it's not quite going to work that way for me yet. The 1Gb plan ($50) plus an extra 1Gb ($10) plus GST ($7.5) totals $67.50, compared with Woosh's 2Gb plan at $40. Vodafone's coverage is worth paying a premium for, but not that much.

Comment by sbiddle, on 12-Sep-2006 08:45

The other data plans still exist and haven't changed

$10 for 3MB and $19 for 15MB

It is slightly disappointing in that Vodafone have been hyping up the network as a replacement for your existing broadband connection. That's not really a reality at this stage.

Comment by sbiddle, on 12-Sep-2006 08:47

It's also interesting to see the new T&C for VoIP

8. Vodafone does not support Voice over Internet Protocol (voIP), and can provide no assurance that currently available access levels may be maintained

Compared to the old

5. The use of Mobilise Data plans for Voice over IP (VoIP) is excluded.

Comment by chiefie, on 12-Sep-2006 09:23

Alasta, I think $49 + $10 + GST is a pretty good deal for HSDPA though, and i'd get that (if i am not on 1GB for $49) as you pointed out, for Vodafone's coverage on HSDPA/UMTS.

And yes, it's actually quite hard to find the info you want on Vodafone's site, not much better than Telecom's, and even TelstraClear isn't the best but still easy-to-navigate than the other two.

Comment by Mattnzl, on 12-Sep-2006 10:00

Oh man, what a let down! $500 per GB overage still, what a crock.
No way could this be pitched as an adsl replacement with a maximum 2GB cap. 5 or 10GB then yes, this would really get things moving.

Comment by juha, on 12-Sep-2006 10:17

It's pretty clear that Voda wants light usage only on the network. All I can say is, don't run Windows Update on HSDPA.

Comment by chiefie, on 12-Sep-2006 10:49

I think Vodafone's focus probably not marketing this as the full ADSL replacement, but more of mobile data broadband usage where you know you are using it rightfully and not just outright downloading anything off the internet. For me 1GB is sufficient for a month worth of emails (i get a lot) and good surfing. If you are after an ADSL replacement, then why not get TelstraClear Cable (if you are in the serviced area)... until then, Vodafone is targetting mobile data broadband users, not ADSL home users.

so $59+GST is a good price range for HSDPA/UMTS/GPRS with 2GB. And if you are over the limit, it sure bites into you.

Comment by BigFella, on 12-Sep-2006 16:06

BTW, the new pricing is GST INCLUSIVE. The website currently says ex GST which is incorrect. 

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