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My latest gadget: Canon Selphy DS700 Printer

, posted: 15-Sep-2006 10:41

We decided it would be good to have a 6x4 printer with memory card slots so that we can easily print pics - mainly for scrapbooking for my wife, but also to give to friends when they say "Ohh - I'd like a copy of that!".

I didn't want to spend a lot - especially since we already have a Pixma IP2000 and a Brother laser plus access to an expensive colour printer @ my wifes work - so I went onto Dick Smiths website and started hunting round.

I reckon we hit the jackpot with the Canon Selphy DS700 - only $99, and includes features such as:

* Full range of card slots
* Prints borderless 6x4 prints
* Plugs into the TV for slideshows + selecting photos
* Can be used in "normal mode" - ie with a PC.
* Supports direct printing from cameras (via USB cable)
* Supports irda printing from mobile phones.

This all seemed to good to be true - so I started looking at consumables (which is normally the catch with cheaper printers).

RRP$89 for 150 sheets of paper + 2 cartridges (75 prints per cartridge) - hmm, 59cents per print.
Not bad I thought.

Checked ebay next - NZ$43 for the same print pack above - even better!

So we popped into Dick Smith yesterday and grabbed one of these units and put it through it's paces last night.

My conclusion: an excellent 6x4 printer, easy to use and full of functionality not normally found at this price.

Admittedly the printers are on clearance at Dick Smith at the moment (they are normally $199 - originally $449), but if you're quick you can probably grab one yourself.

Nigel H.

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Comment by chiefie, on 15-Sep-2006 11:21

mmm sounds like a good buy. i might get one too then! :-D hehe...

Comment by psychrn, on 15-Sep-2006 11:46

Say if you put a memory card in the slot-how can you view the files and decide on which ones to print-no screen is there??

Comment by chiefie, on 15-Sep-2006 11:55

Oh Nigel,

Thought this be helpful for ya: DSE Link []

Author's note by 3g, on 15-Sep-2006 12:06

Thanks for the easier link chiefie (I added the links at the last minute - supposed to be catching a flight to the US soon!).

psychrn - it plugs into the TV 8-).
You get a remote and the on-screen interface is great.

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