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Can you really get Vodafone 3G Broadband for $29.95 per month?

, posted: 7-Oct-2006 18:23

In todays paper (Christchurch Press) I saw a full page advert pushing the new Vodem and mobile broadband "from $29.95*".

I looked at the bottom for the T&C and all it mentioned was that you must sign up for a 24 month contract.

What they forgot to mention was that you need to purchase a Vodem for $199.

I know that a lot of people reading the advert (a few friends and family for example) believed that it would be included (in the same way that Sky through in their decoder if you sign up for a term contract).

Might be a good idea if Vodafone made this a little more clear.

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Comment by alasta, on 7-Oct-2006 19:55

If they advertise their calling plans then they don't specifically point out that you need to buy a phone to take advantage of the offer. I don't see how the Mobile Broadband deal is any different, unless there is something in the ad which implies that the hardware is supplied.

Author's note by 3g, on 7-Oct-2006 20:17

The difference is probably the full page photo of a PC with the Vodem and wording:

"broadband from only $29.95 per month*"

"no longer is your internet access confined to one computer. meet vodem. plugs into your usb slot and self-installs in moments."

and the only T&C's on the page are:

"subject to 3G broadband coverage * subject to connection to a 24 month term".

I totally agree that their normal advertising doesn't include the cost of the handset, but this advert directly refers to a specific device and there is no mention anywhere that you will be up for an initial $199 for the hardware.

Don't get me wrong - in no way do I believe that they are trying to deceive anyone. It's just that you don't get the full picture (which they had plenty of room to do - it was a full page advert).

Comment by sbiddle, on 7-Oct-2006 20:31

Slightly OT but if anybody in Auckland wants a deal I suggest they visit Stewart & Hill.

They had an ad in the herald a few days ago that (obviously incorrectly) said the Vodem was $99 on a 250MB term contract and $199 on a 1GB term contract

Comment by tonyhughes, on 7-Oct-2006 22:05

visit Geekzone chat on Tuesday night to be in to win a Vodem...

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