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Oh Brother...

, posted: 10-Feb-2007 10:25

At Christmas we decided to get my father a printer/scanner combo - something to make printing photos from his digital camera a lot easier.

After a quick bit of research on the consumable prices for the various models on the market, I decided that the Brother DCP-130C was a good option. I've had a Brother Laser for years and been extremely impressed - right down to the avi that came on the driver CD to show you how to clean the drum with cotton buds to get extra life out of the printer! I hoped that the same reliability would extend to their inkjets as well, but it doesn't appear that this is the case...

It wasn't until after New Year that I got around to asking my father how things were going.
There was a long pause - and then an even longer description of his attempts to get it going.
I was somewhat surprised that he had trouble, but basically now that he had his 4th one, it was finally working.

4th one? Huh?

First two had mechanical problems - basically poor manufacturing meant that paper trays etc wouldn't feed paper etc.

The third one had the most unusual fault - it would power up and demand that you set a language, but wouldn't actually accept the command (on the front panel). If you then startup the unit in maintenance mode, it comes up with a code of "1+3".

At this stage, Brother were extremely helpful and especially after hearing that this was his 3rd unit decided that they'd test a new unit from their stock and ship it to him direct.

The 4th (and hopefully final) unit is running perfectly.

I've now "inherited" the 3rd unit and had hoped to get it going. After a couple of hours I managed to get the latest firmware onto it, but it still comes up with a fault. I emailed Brother and asked them if they could tell me what the "1+3" error means, but they can't tell me unless I'm a service agent.

Not really too sure what to do with it now - it seems criminal to dump the unit since it's basically brand new (and most likely just needs some sort of reset).  Not too keen to take it to a service agent either, since I'd guess that their fee will most likely exceed the $129 initial purchase price 8-).

Anybody need a large paper weight?

Nigel H.

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