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ActiveSync error: /Separate is invalid?

, posted: 17-Feb-2007 14:09

We were testing installations of our software on various OS's (with various languages) at work this week when one of the developers/testers asked if I had seen the following problem:

He connected to a Windows Mobile 5 device with ActiveSync (v4.2 from memory - a recent version) and found that whenever he hit the "Explore" button (after it had connected), ActiveSync would come up with an error saying that the path "/Separate" was invalid.

Strange thing was that we could explore the device from Windows Explorer - just couldn't kick off exploring the device from the Explore button on the ActiveSync window.

This was a new one on me but luckily after some extensive googling a colleague found out that it can be caused by having an older version of IE on your machine (eg IE 5).

They put IE6 onto the box and the problem went away.

Just thought I'd put this up for anyone that strikes it in the future - or just in case I forget the cause of the problem when we go to test the next release of our software!

Nigel H.

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