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ADSL2 Speed - Very happy

, posted: 29-Nov-2008 08:31

In the past I haven't been too happy with my ADSL speed at home.
But with results like this, I definitely can say that working from home is definitely possible!

I have noticed lately that grabbing the likes of XP Service Pack 3 was an extremely painless exercise (at 2-300MB), but didn't quite realize that the speeds were this good!

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My job involves working with a variety of mainly Pocket PC or Windows CE devices, setting up GPRS connections over cable and/or Bluetooth. Setting up of these connections is either done programatically (in code) or manually (when all else fails).

Through this work (which sometimes involves visiting other parts of the world), I've come up with, err, I'd hate to call it a "wealth of information", but let's just say that I've struck enough problems over the last few years that I'm sure that SOMEBODY out there might benefit from some of the tips that I'll be putting up.

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