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Xmas discounts at Noel Leeming Riccarton - save and donate this Xmas!

, posted: 16-Dec-2009 21:31

Noel Leeming Riccarton/Christchurch (in Westfield Mall, Christchurch) have a special deal where you can get Cost*+10%+GST^ on a wide range of items (see Terms & Conditions below) from tomorrow (Thursday Dec 17) until Sunday Dec 20.
TO GET THIS DEAL, please download and print a copy of the flyer at the link below. click here to download flyer
They will also donate 4% of ALL sales to Oaklands School ( This is a great win-win situation where you get a great discount and Oaklands school receive a very generous donation from Noel Leeming Riccarton.
TIP: In the past I've found this deal to be especially good when purchasing accessories for games systems eg. Nintendo DS accessory packs.
This offer begins Thursday 17 December 2009 and end Sunday 20 December 2009 and only at Noel Leeming Riccarton

*Cost + 10 + GST Terms and Conditions: Cost reflects the average invoiced price of a product but does not include any volume related adjustments which may apply.
^ Offer does not apply to Noel Leeming gift card purchases, apple branded product, gaming consoles and bundles, phone cards, home deliveries fees or extended warranties. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer including interest free credit deals.  You simply need to produce THIS flyer to be eligible for the promotion.

Disclosure: I am a parent from Oaklands School and am also on the Parent Teacher Association for Oaklands school.

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Comment by velofille, on 17-Dec-2009 09:22

oooerrr nice , wonder if we can get that elsewhere as well?

Will they not notice that it was printed on normal paper instead of the flyer?

Author's note by 3g, on 17-Dec-2009 10:16

velofile: "Will they not notice that it was printed on normal paper instead of the flyer?"
3g: I've been told there is no problem with it being printed. It would be definitely appreciated if you could take the flyer in as it will ensure that our school gets the donation 8-).

Comment by simon14, on 17-Dec-2009 10:37

Sign up to Bond and Bond and Noel Leeming's email list.

These offers are on quite often and are usually nationwide.

Bond and Bond ran a cost+10%+GST offer on everything just 3 weeks ago.

It is great for accessories as pointed out above. A USB headset retailed at $60, with this offer it was $37.

3g: I also used the deal 3 weeks ago - and then found out that later we were having this deal (could have had 4% going to the school!).

Comment by simon14, on 17-Dec-2009 10:38

"Will they not notice that it was printed on normal paper instead of the flyer? "

Uually these come around in emails, so no this doesn't matter at all.

Comment by kinsten, on 17-Dec-2009 12:12

are other schools part of a similar promotion?

3g: Not sure.

Comment by n00dy, on 17-Dec-2009 12:36

still pays to check out prices before you buy, they did one of these where we lived for Saturday Sunday only. Went into the store on Tuesday saw a panasonic 42 listed for $1499 ( on sale ) went back in on Saturday with my voucher and was told it is $1850, quizzed them on it and they said RRP was 2999, cost +10 +gst + credit card fee was $1850, pointed out that it was $1499 on Tuesday, still had the ticket on the TV and they said that promo finished Wednesday (the ticket did say that) and someone had forgotten to remove it. I querried how can it sell promo $1499 but the cost thing was 1850 numbers didnt stack up, they didnt elaborate, I didnt buy, went elsewhere and got it for $1695

3g: Agreed. But at the same time, always worth while asking.

Comment by rscole86, on 17-Dec-2009 14:13

n00dy, that is pretty common with TV, PCs, cellphones etc. As they are near to cost, even at RRP there can be less than 5% profit margins.

Comment by sbiddle, on 17-Dec-2009 14:41

@n00dy It's very common for retailers to get scnbacks or rebates from suppliers. They might pay $1600 for something that they sell for $1499 but might get say $200 back from the supplier for a limited time when they sell a product or if they exceed certain sales volumes they'll get a rebate.

Comment by boby55, on 17-Dec-2009 15:19

@ n00dy  legally if there is advertisment on a product stating a price cheaper than what they tell you, they MUST sell it at that the advertised price.

Had that happen to me at Harvey Norman in Napier

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