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Visiting Australia? Try amaysim in your mobiles & devices!

, posted: 4-Apr-2011 21:33

Just spent 9 days on the Gold Coast and for once won't have any expensive bills for roaming.

We took away 1xVodafone 845(Android), 1 Asus Netbook, 1 iPhone and 1 iPad.
Plus also took my 2degrees Wifi modem/hotspot.

Rather than using our New Zealand SIM cards, we purchased Amaysim SIM cards (

The costs:
- SIM card is $2
- Calls to landlines & mobiles in Australia are 15 cents/minute
- Calls to NZ landlines are 15 cents/minute, NZ mobile 29 cents/minute
- Casual data is 5cents/MB
- 1GB data pack is $9.90!

Recharging & Purchasing
- Cards & recharge vouchers available from 7-Eleven's & Caltex stations (as well as many other locations)
- Minimum recharge voucher is $10
- Minimum online recharge is $15

You can check usage via a short number as well as via their website.
The cards use the Optus network, so there is good coverage.

I had to call customer services a couple of times and you actually talk to a REAL person, located in Australia who can actually solve your problems. One guy I talked to admitted that even he didn't know how the company could afford to pay him with the low rates that they were charging for calls, txts and data!

Towards the end of the trip I also picked up a Telstra T-Touch Tab for AUD$219 and used yet another of my amaysim cards with it (and now that I'm back in NZ, running it nicely on 2degrees). Normally the unlock fee is AUD$100 (which would have meant that it would have cost $299, being $199 for the tablet and $100 for unlocking) but since I didn't want the Telstra SIM card and 5GB of data, they did a deal for me and gave me an unlocked unit for only $20 more than the base unit.

It's running Android 2.1 currently and performs very well. We used it a lot for navigation (using the Google Navigation app) and although the camera's are only 2 megapixel, they are surprisingly good.

Froyo/2.2 is due out soon for it (due end of March, but they've had some delays).
BTW -  it's a rebadged Huawei IDEOS S7.

Nigel H.

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Comment by joker97, on 8-Apr-2011 01:52

this is so cool! i've been paying dead money to optus as i hardly use $1 a week ... just applied to port my number! ... hopefully i get coverage in the building i work in ...

Comment by reven, on 13-Apr-2011 11:12

thats really cheap, but if you use "calculate your savings" and send lots of txts, its really expensive.  everythign else is cheap, but odd how the texts are pricey.

Author's note by 3g, on 13-Apr-2011 11:48


Yep, txt's certainly are expensive.
That's why I recommended to my father that he call back home to NZ rather than txt people updates!


Glad you found the info useful. I just wish that there was a $10/1GB plan in New Zealand!

Comment by Tim, on 13-Apr-2011 21:43

A couple of other traveller tips:

Singapore Singtel 3 days unlimited 3G data SIM $18SGD - and can be topped up. Also Prepay SIMs for calling - but you need to show passport as only available to foreigners

Malaysia Hotlink SIM 25RM for SIM and 5 100Mb / 24hr topups

Roaming data plans are crippling overseas - most countries - especially in Asia have affordable pay-as-you-go options.

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