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Microsoft getting revenue from Android sales

, posted: 28-May-2011 11:47

Very smart move by Microsoft.

Having developed with Microsoft mobile platforms since CE 1.0, I've never found them to really understand mobile that well. Kind of ironic that their greatest financial success could potentially now be for them to do nothing other than collect royalty payments! 

I need to have more patience...

, posted: 17-Dec-2010 12:02

I couldn't believe my luck the other night - yet again, about 6:15pm in the evening I received a phone call at home and when I looked at the phone it was a "Private Caller".

Could they be so stupid as to try phoning me again to "fix my PC"??

YES! I was so pleased. Rather than getting really annoyed with them, I decided to play along for as long as my patience would allow.

Can't remember who they said they were from, but it was because I'm a "most important operating system customer" that they really wanted to help me. 

To cut a long story short, they got me to look at the c:\windows\inf folder and claimed that all those files in there were an indication of how badly infected my computer was 8-).

What did surprise me is that the steps that they got me to do were actually quite well worded.
They had obviously gone to a lot of trouble to write their script and in some respects if they turned their skills from evil to good, they could actually be quite affective as Tier1 helpdesk staff.

Anyway, when they started with their story about "Oh dear sir, your computer is very badly infected" I decided that I had had enough (it was dinner time, trying to get dinner into a 2 and 7 year old).

So I said "Actually, I'm a systems engineer and I realise what you're up to so you can stop right there. Can you hear a knocking on the door? I've kept you on the phone to trace your call and that will be the police".

At least they were smart enough to understand that and that's when they hung up on me 8-).

Who is 01300367890?

, posted: 4-May-2010 19:50

For several nights (around this time, 7:30pmish) we've received a call from 01300367890.

Sometimes when we say "Hello?" we get an automated voice a couple of seconds later saying "Goodbye" and other times just a hangup.

Any ideas what the number is? Tried googling it and found the number range on some UK phone spam site, but no solid information other than that.

Would like to know who it is - then maybe a few phone calls to them would be warranted (but what I'd say to them would have to be censored).

Nigel H.

ADSL2 Speed - Very happy

, posted: 29-Nov-2008 08:31

In the past I haven't been too happy with my ADSL speed at home.
But with results like this, I definitely can say that working from home is definitely possible!

I have noticed lately that grabbing the likes of XP Service Pack 3 was an extremely painless exercise (at 2-300MB), but didn't quite realize that the speeds were this good!

Bean counters shouldn't interfere with burgers!

, posted: 7-Jul-2007 20:47

A few months ago I struck McDonald's new "JIT" system, where they no longer make-and-hold food, but rather make-on-demand.

At the time I couldn't believe how poorly the system was working.
A large group of us (with under-3's) decided to get together one Saturday lunchtime at the Riccarton branch as we wanted something that the kids would like with the minimum of effort.

What we struck was a complete disaster. The staff looked at the end of their tether, nobody seemed to know what was happening and the management of the store didn't even think to put up a sign indicating that they were trialling a new system. Many people walked out and after about 20 minutes we finally got our orders.

Later that weekend I decided to do some research into the new "system" and discovered it was a new system being launched globally. At the time I even found an article from a management website which explained that they were making the change to increase the quality of the food (because it doesn't sit in warming trays) and at the same time - and in my opinion is the TRUE reason for the change - they would reduce costs significantly because they would no longer be throwing out food if it wasn't sold within 10-12 minutes.

The article also pointed out that while the new system seemed good on paper, the cost savings would be lost IF they failed to continue to deliver "fast food" - which lets face it, is the main reason most people go to McDonalds.

So rather than just moaning to friends and family, I decided to contact McDonalds and question whether their strategy was such a good idea. I was particularly interested to hear their feedback to the comments that I overheard from customers while I was waiting in line and the fact that many people now walk away rather than having to deal with chaos. Unfortunately when I went to the McDonalds website I was disappointed to see that they have a notice on their site saying that they will accept feedback but don't expect a reply.

I must have hit a raw nerve though 8-). About two days later I had a phone call from the owner of many of the Christchurch branches and he explained the logic behind the changes that were being implemented in the restaurants. I really appreciated his time and after talking with him was somewhat hopeful that I had simply struck "teething problems".

That was a few months ago now and I can quite clearly now state that it wasn't teething problems.

The new system is STILL a disaster.

Admittedly some branches have tried to get around the problem with technology - using wireless PDA's, staff members weave between people in the queues and takes orders, handing them a ticket with a number on it that they then present at the counter to pay for the order. I have to admit by being intrigued by the new system - but that only keeps me entertained for a couple of minutes, after which the realization that the delays are still going to be much the same as before sets in!

Congratulations McDonalds - instead of the new system saving your business, you've actually put a nail in your own coffin. Your burgers don't taste any better/fresher - they just take twice as long to get now (on a good day).

You've failed to actually understand that people have been loyal to your brand because of consistency (anywhere in the world) & SPEED. Without your make-and-hold method, you simply cannot deliver food with the speed and efficiency that your brand has offered for decades.

Perhaps it's time for me to take a closer look at that local burger company offering shares in their company 8-).

Oh Brother...

, posted: 10-Feb-2007 10:25

At Christmas we decided to get my father a printer/scanner combo - something to make printing photos from his digital camera a lot easier.

After a quick bit of research on the consumable prices for the various models on the market, I decided that the Brother DCP-130C was a good option. I've had a Brother Laser for years and been extremely impressed - right down to the avi that came on the driver CD to show you how to clean the drum with cotton buds to get extra life out of the printer! I hoped that the same reliability would extend to their inkjets as well, but it doesn't appear that this is the case...

It wasn't until after New Year that I got around to asking my father how things were going.
There was a long pause - and then an even longer description of his attempts to get it going.
I was somewhat surprised that he had trouble, but basically now that he had his 4th one, it was finally working.

4th one? Huh?

First two had mechanical problems - basically poor manufacturing meant that paper trays etc wouldn't feed paper etc.

The third one had the most unusual fault - it would power up and demand that you set a language, but wouldn't actually accept the command (on the front panel). If you then startup the unit in maintenance mode, it comes up with a code of "1+3".

At this stage, Brother were extremely helpful and especially after hearing that this was his 3rd unit decided that they'd test a new unit from their stock and ship it to him direct.

The 4th (and hopefully final) unit is running perfectly.

I've now "inherited" the 3rd unit and had hoped to get it going. After a couple of hours I managed to get the latest firmware onto it, but it still comes up with a fault. I emailed Brother and asked them if they could tell me what the "1+3" error means, but they can't tell me unless I'm a service agent.

Not really too sure what to do with it now - it seems criminal to dump the unit since it's basically brand new (and most likely just needs some sort of reset).  Not too keen to take it to a service agent either, since I'd guess that their fee will most likely exceed the $129 initial purchase price 8-).

Anybody need a large paper weight?

Nigel H.

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Can you really get Vodafone 3G Broadband for $29.95 per month?

, posted: 7-Oct-2006 18:23

In todays paper (Christchurch Press) I saw a full page advert pushing the new Vodem and mobile broadband "from $29.95*".

I looked at the bottom for the T&C and all it mentioned was that you must sign up for a 24 month contract.

What they forgot to mention was that you need to purchase a Vodem for $199.

I know that a lot of people reading the advert (a few friends and family for example) believed that it would be included (in the same way that Sky through in their decoder if you sign up for a term contract).

Might be a good idea if Vodafone made this a little more clear.

Google Spreadsheets

, posted: 7-Jun-2006 22:29

After seeing an article on Geekzone about Google spreadsheets ( I decided to sign up and see what it was about.

After uploading an existing spreadsheet, I must admit that I am impressed with how well it works.
Although I couldn't immediately imagine what I'd use it for myself, a work colleague pointed out that he might use it so he can always have access to his spreadsheet which lists his music collection. It turns out he often has trouble remembering which CD's he already has when looking at Trademe Cool.

It doesn't appear to support charting (yet?), but certainly handles standard spreadsheets with ease.
I guess (or is that hope?) that it's a sign of things to come from Google, which can only be a good thing for those of us that are astounded at the ever increasing cost of standard office software packages.

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