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Visiting Australia? Try amaysim in your mobiles & devices!

, posted: 4-Apr-2011 21:33

Just spent 9 days on the Gold Coast and for once won't have any expensive bills for roaming.

We took away 1xVodafone 845(Android), 1 Asus Netbook, 1 iPhone and 1 iPad.
Plus also took my 2degrees Wifi modem/hotspot.

Rather than using our New Zealand SIM cards, we purchased Amaysim SIM cards (

The costs:
- SIM card is $2
- Calls to landlines & mobiles in Australia are 15 cents/minute
- Calls to NZ landlines are 15 cents/minute, NZ mobile 29 cents/minute
- Casual data is 5cents/MB
- 1GB data pack is $9.90!

Recharging & Purchasing
- Cards & recharge vouchers available from 7-Eleven's & Caltex stations (as well as many other locations)
- Minimum recharge voucher is $10
- Minimum online recharge is $15

You can check usage via a short number as well as via their website.
The cards use the Optus network, so there is good coverage.

I had to call customer services a couple of times and you actually talk to a REAL person, located in Australia who can actually solve your problems. One guy I talked to admitted that even he didn't know how the company could afford to pay him with the low rates that they were charging for calls, txts and data!

Towards the end of the trip I also picked up a Telstra T-Touch Tab for AUD$219 and used yet another of my amaysim cards with it (and now that I'm back in NZ, running it nicely on 2degrees). Normally the unlock fee is AUD$100 (which would have meant that it would have cost $299, being $199 for the tablet and $100 for unlocking) but since I didn't want the Telstra SIM card and 5GB of data, they did a deal for me and gave me an unlocked unit for only $20 more than the base unit.

It's running Android 2.1 currently and performs very well. We used it a lot for navigation (using the Google Navigation app) and although the camera's are only 2 megapixel, they are surprisingly good.

Froyo/2.2 is due out soon for it (due end of March, but they've had some delays).
BTW -  it's a rebadged Huawei IDEOS S7.

Nigel H.

Xmas discounts at Noel Leeming Riccarton - save and donate this Xmas!

, posted: 16-Dec-2009 21:31

Noel Leeming Riccarton/Christchurch (in Westfield Mall, Christchurch) have a special deal where you can get Cost*+10%+GST^ on a wide range of items (see Terms & Conditions below) from tomorrow (Thursday Dec 17) until Sunday Dec 20.
TO GET THIS DEAL, please download and print a copy of the flyer at the link below. click here to download flyer
They will also donate 4% of ALL sales to Oaklands School ( This is a great win-win situation where you get a great discount and Oaklands school receive a very generous donation from Noel Leeming Riccarton.
TIP: In the past I've found this deal to be especially good when purchasing accessories for games systems eg. Nintendo DS accessory packs.
This offer begins Thursday 17 December 2009 and end Sunday 20 December 2009 and only at Noel Leeming Riccarton

*Cost + 10 + GST Terms and Conditions: Cost reflects the average invoiced price of a product but does not include any volume related adjustments which may apply.
^ Offer does not apply to Noel Leeming gift card purchases, apple branded product, gaming consoles and bundles, phone cards, home deliveries fees or extended warranties. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer including interest free credit deals.  You simply need to produce THIS flyer to be eligible for the promotion.

Disclosure: I am a parent from Oaklands School and am also on the Parent Teacher Association for Oaklands school.

ActiveSync error: /Separate is invalid?

, posted: 17-Feb-2007 14:09

We were testing installations of our software on various OS's (with various languages) at work this week when one of the developers/testers asked if I had seen the following problem:

He connected to a Windows Mobile 5 device with ActiveSync (v4.2 from memory - a recent version) and found that whenever he hit the "Explore" button (after it had connected), ActiveSync would come up with an error saying that the path "/Separate" was invalid.

Strange thing was that we could explore the device from Windows Explorer - just couldn't kick off exploring the device from the Explore button on the ActiveSync window.

This was a new one on me but luckily after some extensive googling a colleague found out that it can be caused by having an older version of IE on your machine (eg IE 5).

They put IE6 onto the box and the problem went away.

Just thought I'd put this up for anyone that strikes it in the future - or just in case I forget the cause of the problem when we go to test the next release of our software!

Nigel H.

I've reduced my gmail account size by 1/3rd 8-).

, posted: 21-Jan-2007 17:04

It seems that not being able to sort emails by size within GMail is a bit of a problem, but I read on several websites today the trick of using the "has:attachment" search string to find all messages with attachments.

What I then proceeded to do was:
(1) "Starred" any messages I wanted to keep
(2) Used the option to select all "unstarred" messages
(3) Hit delete

This took my gmail account from 299MB to 200MB in about 10 minutes!

The other option widely posted on websites is to use an external mail reader.
Another good idea, but using the web interface and the steps above wasn't too painful a process to quickly cull out messages that I really didn't need anymore.

Nigel H.

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Through this work (which sometimes involves visiting other parts of the world), I've come up with, err, I'd hate to call it a "wealth of information", but let's just say that I've struck enough problems over the last few years that I'm sure that SOMEBODY out there might benefit from some of the tips that I'll be putting up.

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