Recording using your remote on a DM500

, posted: 26-Nov-2007 10:46

To start off with this Blog entry it took me a while to figure out how to actually record using your remote control on a DM500 since the Regular DM500 remote doesn't have the "VIDEO" button.

Below is the best pics I could find of the two different remotes. The one on the left is the commonly supplied remote with the DM500, whereas the one on the right (grabbed via the web interface) is the one with the "VIDEO" aka PVR menu on it. If I could find somewhere that I could buy the Fully Featured remotes cheaply I may look at doing that... Just for this purpose.

Dreambox Remotes

So what I do is re-program the "Yellow" button to be the PVR menu to enable PVR mode, and then you can use the "Radio" button to start recording.

To reprogram the yellow button you need to get into the "Blue" Menu from the Gemini image. Select the "Quickbutton Settings" as shown below:

Then select "DVR" from the Quick Button settings:

Then hit OK.

Now back in the Main User Interface you can hit the "Yellow" button to bring up the DVR Menu down the bottom of the screen.  As shown below:


Then hit the "Radio" button to start recording on your remote, and the "TV" button to stop recording.... EASY!

On the network side you need to make sure you have a network mounted filesystem for the DM500.

In the web interface (http://DreamIP) login with the default username "root" and password "dreambox". Select the Config -> Mount Manager button.

Then Add a new mount. The "Client Directory" should be set to "/var/mnt/hdd" which is the default mount directory for the Harddisk. "Server Directory" is the name of the share if you are mounting CIFS or SAMBA. It's also worth turning on "AutoMount" so it will mount each time the DM boots.

Save the mount in the Web UI.

Last but not lease don't forget to create a directory called "movie" in the root of the share. That is the place where the recordings will be put.

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